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Meet Our People

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Nora Comeau


Mother, Teacher, Co-Founder

Hi! I come from a family of pioneers in education, art, and organic farming.

My favorite words are wild, soul, joy, and love. I bring my background as a teacher (10+ years), a signed language interpreter (11 years), and a parent (7+ years).

For me, teaching and learning are reciprocal. I observe the direct experience of the student, and I am guided by holistic development.


Informed by children, nature, and Waldorf education, I keep an open mind to any approach that can be integrated beneficially.


When not ‘at school’, you might find me: playing ball with my partner and my son, painting, or getting dirty in my garden!

My talents include storytelling, knitting, and devising curriculum. I look forward to playing and learning together.

Catherine Liggett


Mother, Co-Founder, Parent Volunteer, Webmaster

As a writer, former university teacher, and mother of two, I'm deeply passionate about bringing up the next generation of world-changers. 

With a background in mindfulness education and social-emotional learning, my favorite subjects to teach and model are kindness and empathy. (In this photo, I'm showing the children how to discover small creatures and treat them kindly.) 

My talents include dancing, general goofiness, gardening, and tide pool exploration.

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Hannah Lemberg


Mother, Teacher, Co-Founder

I have worked in education much of my life, including as an elementary and high school humanities, Spanish, and theater teacher, mostly at Waldorf schools. I love to work collaboratively with parents, students, and other teachers. I believe that children deserve an education that meets them as individuals and feeds their innate connection to the beauty of the world.


I find joy and comfort in reading, travel, nature, tea, yoga, cooking, quiz games, folk music and dance, theater, and sharing experiences with children, especially my six-year-old daughter, Calla.    


My talents include reading aloud, hosting tea parties, and singing Spanish children’s songs.


Coming soon!


Bio coming soon

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